Our bunkering division is responsible for fuel requirements for ships in transit at the Panama Canal and ports operation at the Republic of Panama. To make it happen, we have tankers and a trained staff with the highest standards of safety and experience.


Our trading division manages international cargo sales of crude and distillate products. In order to achieve it, we count with a trained staff with extensive experience in the international maritime sector.

Our Fleet





King Dolphin

Product: MGO

Capacity: 550 MT

Pump rate: 120 MT/ per hour

Delivery: All kinds of vessels.

Barge 103

Product: MGO

Capacity: 150 MT

Pump rate: 50 MT/ per hour

Delivery: Yachts, mega yachts and tugboats.

Barge 104

Product: Fuel Oil

Capacity: 3700 MT

Pump rate: 300 MTT/ per hour

Delivery: All kinds of vessels.

Big Dolphin

Product: MGO

Capacity: 650 MT

Pump rate: 100 MT/ per hour

Delivery: Yachts, mega yachts and tugs.


Product: MGO and Fuel Oil

Capacity: 1500 MGO and 6000 fuel oil

Pump rate: 250 TON/ per hour

Delivery: All kinds of vessels.

Ship Management

Bureau Veritas Guidance Note NI 563

“Standard for Quality Management System of Seafarer Manning Offices

Launch Service

Operations 24 / 7 – 365 Days at year. 

Balboa and Cristobal. Panama Canal.

Shipping Agency

-15  years of experience  –Panama Canal Transit vessels  –Migration formalitie 

Logistic Service  –Spare part logistic  –Transport Agents

Mooring Services

Mooring maneuvers of vessels, our main client in this service is Minera Panama.

About Us

Stward Oil is a company dedicated to provide FUEL SERVICES  at the Panama Canal and ports. As part of Stward corporation was founded in 2004 and currently operates with licenses needed to transport and supply marine fuel, granted by the Panama Maritime Authority and the National Secretary of Energy.

Stward Oil currently operates  the tanker ACCRA and supply ships, Big Dolphin, King Dolphin, plus barges Barge 104 and Barge 103 and are approved by Panama Canal Authority.



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La Boca, Williamson Place.
Edificio 750A, Panamá.

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